The target of our research is to clarify the “meaning” of the Genome. Genome sequences include various types of information, not only the amino-acid sequences of proteins, but their regulations, non-coding RNAs, and every history of evolution in our ancestors. We analyze DNA/RNA/protein sequences, their regulations, their functions, their structures, their interactions and their evolution using various types of mathematical models, which usually include statistics. Our favorites are stochastic models, machine learning theory, and dynamic programming.
We are not the people who simply analyze biological data using software tools which someone else developed. We don’t want to use software black boxes for the analyses.
We have been developing software for the analysis of DNA/RNA sequences, including gene finding, structural alignment of RNA sequences, and secondary structure prediction of RNA sequences, next-gen sequence analysis.
Asai Lab is mainly located in Artificial Intelligence Research Center (AIRC) of AIST in Tokyo Waterfront, and few members in Kashiwa Campus. Currently all the students are studying at AIRC.